Humanitarian Efforts

Hough Ear Institute (HEI) has a history of teaching surgical techniques to medical professionals through hands-on instruction and practice. Beyond operating room instruction, HEI has also provided education and humanitarian outreach to other countries. Remarkably, Dr. Hough shared his surgical techniques in over 80 countries through his humanitarian work. His ventures overseas paved the way for future humanitarian efforts, medical collaborations, and educational opportunities that HEI has been fortunate enough to provide.

Reaching Out to A World in Need

Hough Ear Institute’s staff, doctors, and medical professionals have a history of traveling to developing countries, providing training to ear doctors in these countries. HEI doctors have also performed specialized ear surgeries in countries and areas where no qualified local surgeons existed.

International Education

Teams of HEI surgeons and scientists, as well as volunteer audiologists, have travelled overseas to share their time, knowledge, skills, and technology. Countries visited include Jordan, Kenya, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Zaire, and Zimbabwe.

Hearing Screening Missions

A mission trip to Nairobi, Kenya allowed Albert Ramirez, HEI affiliated audiologist, to give African children hearing evaluations. Albert’s trip involved taking supplies, equipment, and a passion for compassionate hearing care to those who greatly needed it. “We quickly learned more than 25% of the children had serious hearing issues.”

Otology Workshops

Otolaryngologists and residents from across the country have attended courses on temporal bone dissection, providing them with advanced training in potential otologic treatment options and surgery.

Otology Fellowships

Formal research and instruction are provided by HEI medical staff to graduate-certified otolaryngologists who elect to restrict their practice specifically to surgery of the ear. Through our Otology Fellowship program HEI has hosted fellows from Southeast Asia and the Middle East, teaching program members about inner ear medicine and cochlear implants.

With your help, Hough Ear Institute can further expand their international reach.