Endowment Fund

What is an Endowment Fund?

An endowment fund is an investment portfolio consisting of capital derived from donations. Endowments are established to fund charitable and nonprofit institutions. Donations to endowment funds are tax-deductible with the funds donated remaining in the trust account and a guaranteed return is paid to the charity or nonprofit each year.

This kind of donation is popular because one gift becomes an annual gift in perpetuity. Giving to an endowment fund guarantees a percentage of your donation will be given to the charity forever.

What is Hough Ear Institute's Endowment Fund?

Hough Ear Institute established an endowment fund in 2022 at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation (OCCF). The Hough Ear Institute Endowment Fund will be used to cover the cost of our education and humanitarian programs each year in honor of Elsa Freda Masing. All OCCF endowment funds pay a 5% return every year.

How Do I Donate?

Click the button below to donate directly to the Hough Ear Institute Endowment Fund on OCCF's website.