Our Team

Qunfeng Cai, MD, PhD

Research Scientist

Qunfeng Cai received a Master of Science and PhD degree from China Medical University of Shenyang, China and a MD degree from Jinzhou Medical College of Jinzhou, China.   He has conducted hearing research as a postdoctoral fellow and research scientist at the Center for Hearing and Deafness, SUNY at Buffalo, NY and as a research associate in the department of Otolaryngology at Wayne State University.  He focused on studying the mechanism of noise induced hearing loss and stem cell cochlea transplantation. He has authored or co-authored 20 publications in peer reviewed professional journals that deal with various aspects of the structure and function of the auditory system.  He joined Hough Ear Institute in 2015, where he now focuses on animal studies of cochlear hair cell regeneration and pharmacological approaches to treating hearing loss caused by acute acoustic trauma and ototoxic chemicals. His background in drug delivery, anatomy, surgery, and electrophysiology of the auditory system in animal models have made him a valuable member of the HEI research team.